Team Coaching

Improving the performance of your team

From a historical point of view you may well have already run a team building or team development event for your team, and now feel that although your team’s is working well, it needs to go to the next level. Whatever your context, you recognise the need for an improvement in performance and are looking for a cost effective intervention.

So why should you consider using a coach to improve the performance of your team?

Team Coaching

What are the outcomes associated with having a team coach?

Taking a coaching approach to improve the performance of your team can help your organisation by:

  • Retaining staff and make the best and most effective use of your resources
  • Highlighting improvements to often well established and historic work processes that may not fit today’s business environment
  • Developing and increasing motivation and commitment
  • Improving your team’s capacity to learn
  • Allowing team members to share their knowledge more effectively
  • Creating a culture where change is seen as part of the normal work process as opposed to something that has to be resisted
  • Making the planning process more effective which produce solutions that help maintain a competitive advantage
  • Maintaining quality standards and ensuring the end product is consistently delivered on time and to budget
  • Focusing on what is important in the long run rather than constantly reacting to short term crises

team coach

What are the benefits of having a team coach?

There are several areas where the investment in a team coach could quickly provide a return for your investment, although since each team coaching assignment is unique, your own outcomes will be dependent on your working context. The benefits could include:

  • Very high levels of engagement and commitment to the organisation’s vision and goals
  • Transparent levels of trust
  • Complete ownership of individual and shared accountability
  • Recognition of the underlying values that drive a genuine desire to work together
  • Cooperation being an implicit part of the work routine
  • The ability to manage conflicting ideas through the use of high quality, open and honest communication to create win/win solutions
  • The genuine use of synergy so that the team’s performance is orientated towards achieving results

If you would like to talk to us about how team coaching could significantly help your team reach excellent and outstanding levels of performance, contact us now for an informal discussion as to how we would achieve this.


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