Team building programme

From a ‘Team Building’ perspective, as a team leader or manager you need to think strategically and ask yourself: where do you want your team to be in 3, 6, and 12 months’ time, in terms of:

  • The effectiveness of the team to achieve the objectives/outcomes they have been set:
  • The efficiency with which your team achieves their results
  • The relationships of individual team members with each other
  • Your role within the team – are you regularly spending time managing them, or are you intervening, as required, from a leadership perspective?

Having completed this task, you need to work backwards in order to design a Team Building programme which will ensure these outcomes are met. If you work in an organisation that has learning at the heart of its culture, you will be able to plan regular structured time which will allow you to build and develop your team so that they deliver their outcomes on time.

The outcomes of the initial part of the programme, sometimes called away days are likely to be:

  • Team members feeling a sense of belonging
  • A negotiated contract of team rules, ways of working and ground rules
  • The start of trusting and productive working relationships
  • Clear understanding of organisation’s vision
  • Clarification of the nature of the tasks ahead
  • Agreement on areas of responsibility
  • A consensus of the team’s strengths, areas for development, threats and opportunities
  • A strong sense of engagement and motivation to start working on the various projects
  • An agreed development plan on how the team will continue to grow and develop.

Where you take your team from here very much depends on all the cultural factors that govern how you work within your organisation, which might include a Team Development Programme, or potentially after the team has established itself, a period of team coaching.

If you would like to talk to us about designing a team building programme for you or your organisation that will achieve these objectives and ensure your team gets off to a flying start contact us now.


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