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Take back control, get your time and energy back by using the RESOLVE model to manage a difficult conversation, knowing that you will succeed.

Monthly Focus on different topics

The art of managing a difficult conversation is dependent on many differnt factors.  The RESOLVE model is designed to be used flexibiliy, so we discuss how to apply it in a range of different contexts such as business sector area and business size.

The most effective meeting setting: Ensure you get the arrangements right in the first place.

Super start: Getting off to the ideal start makes a big difference; voice tone and speed matter.

Staying calm: Know how to keep yourself under control, even when things get a bit heated.

About Graham Norris

Graham first trained as a mediator in 1993 and has worked within communities supporting the resolution of difficult neighbourhood disputes: he brings conflict resolution skills to his development work with individuals and teams.

Having worked as a performance coach for 10 years, he has refined and developed his skills within the topic of managing difficult conversations. He uses the RESOLVE model to coach individuals and groups in how to ensure troublesome work based issues do not escalate out of control.

You can stay right on top of those difficult conversation topics, nipping them in the bud before they start to become a serious problem.