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Personal Development

We work as mentors to new business owners, to young unemployed individuals, to people starting to develop their skills as a coach within their own organisations etc. We share with them the benefits of our knowledge and experience and guide them towards success. READ MORE

Team Building

Team building and team development are two entirely different processes; despite the fact that any ‘training’ event associated with groups of people in a paid work or a voluntary environment is usually called ‘team building’. READ MORE

Team Development

Team Development is fundamentally different from team building since your ‘established’ team will have a history. It will have gone through various growth stages, team members will have established relationships, they will have experienced success or failure, and will have established ‘norms’ for behaviour. READ MORE

Team Coaching

From a historical point of view you may well have already run a team building or team development event for your team, or you may currently be encountering problems within your team that you feel need to be resolved. READ MORE

action in change servicesWhatever your needs or interests the philosophy that under pins all of our services is a belief that anything is possible if you approach it in the right way. Progress is often linked to change. As a consequence, organisations of all sizes need to do different things, which require people to learn how things can be done differently. It is the learning that is the challenge, not the people! All of our work is geared to improving and developing the learning process.

Team Development

One of the challenges people face when they first start.. Read More

Personal Performance Coaching

Did you know you had a choice between team building and… Read More

Why Choose Us?

We are honest and approachable, professional and focused on helping you obtain results at both personal and business levels.

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Workshops That Work

We run a series of engaging and stimulating workshops on a variety of issues relating to individual and team development.

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What is Coaching?

Supporting you at both business and personal levels requires a coach or mentor but what does that entail and what is coaching?

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