Very coachable

Thank you for taking our School Coaching Readiness Questionnaire.

Wow, your coaching readiness score is between 44 and 50. This score indicates that your school is ready for coaching and are keen to start! You probably have several very clear objectives that you want to work on or achieve, and are committed to achieving them.

Secondly, your results indicate that you are more than prepared to put the work in to bring about the change required and that making sure this change has a sense of urgency.
Finally, your score indicates that you really appreciate the coaching relationship is something very special, and that you are committed to working with your members of staff to make the most of it. You recognise the trust, honesty and confidentiality implications and are prepared to take action in order to make the most of the opportunity.

Coaching is a very appropriate course of action for you at this moment in time. We will be in contact with you soon in terms of arranging a short no commitment discussion to clarify when you would like to start.