Maybe Later

Thank you for taking our Coaching Readiness Questionnaire.

Your coaching readiness score is between 13 and 24.  This score indicates that you are in that area where coaching may be a suitable course of action for you at this moment in time.  There are several topics to consider: coaching works best as a process if a client brings at least one very clear objective that they want to work on or achieve: so how defined is your goal?

Secondly, change is at the heart of the coaching process.  Progress and learning go hand in hand doing something different: this is an area that you need to think very clearly about and whether or not you are committed to change. A key question to ask yourself: if you continue to do what you are doing now, will you succeed in achieving anything different?

Finally, the coaching relationship is something very special: it is not a counselling situation, it is not about telling you what to do as in the case of mentoring, it is very much the coach helping you come to terms with your own strengths and abilities, and then using them to achieve your goals.  So in terms of building a successful coaching relationship, how committed are you to making it work?

So coaching could be right for you now; there may be some areas that you need to clarify before you start.  We will be in contact with you soon in terms of arranging a short, no commitment discussion, to answer any questions you might have about the overall process.