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Tackle difficult conversations by developing a rich set of tools and techniques that give you control over managing a difficult conversation.

How We Work

All our work is focused on helping you learn and gain confidence so that you can manage difficult conversations as soon as you need to, knowing that you will get a successful outcome.

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You are welcome to read all our blog articles on the RESOLVE model and approach, including details of the communication skills that are an essential part of the process. In addition, by signing up you will receive regular videos on how to use the techniques.

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Working with a coach one to one, will allow you to reflect up your approach to date, and identify the most effective ways of tackling your own unique situation so that you get the best outcome or result.

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Join us on a focused journey of learning and discovery. Working and learning alongside equally committed professional managers is a powerful way to really master the RESOLVE model, allowing you to get back control and produce effective solutions.

About Graham Norris

As a qualified Mediator, Graham’s work within communities, supporting the resolution of difficult neighbourhood disputes, laid the foundation for his development work as a coach helping individuals and teams resolve conflict and improve the effectiveness of their communication.

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You are a busy person, with a full and active time schedule: so, we will work around your commitments and time zone.

Innovative Ideas

People often get stuck in trying to come up with solutions. The RESOLVE will show you how to get over this challenge.

Proven Methods

"The course helped me see that by having a structure and some techniques it was possible to talk openly and honestly."

Coaching is a powerful relationship for people making important changes in their lives. Become a RESOLVE Practitioner.

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