The success of an organisation, whether it is a large corporate institution, a charity, a privately run body, a professional services firm, an education establishment, a government department or a small micro business, can be directly attributable to the effectiveness of its leadership and management. Executive coaching has a significant effect on the performance of its senior staff, which over time can help transform the working culture of the organisation, develop overall effectiveness and improve performance.

Our executive coaches have had senior level careers before engaging in coaching and consultancy. They are all committed to on-going professional development and receive regular supervision. In addition to offering one to one coaching with CEOs, board directors, management team members and talented staff, we also offer team coaching and organisational reviews.

What exactly are you looking for in an executive coach?

If you are from a corporate business environment:

  • you will have access to financial advice,
  • your staff will have the knowledge, software tools and skills to plan the growth of your business,
  • your operational managers know how to deliver the product or service, your HR staff will ensure your staff are developing their skills to meet your organisational needs
  • your sales and marketing staff will be working to meet revenue targets.

If you are from a small to medium sized business, some of these areas may well be your direct responsibility. However,

  • Do you ever feel isolated sitting at, or near the top?
  • Are you so wrapped up in your work that your friends and family no longer know who you are?
  • Does life seem like an endless treadmill without any breaks where you can get off and regroup for a moment?
  • Do you sometimes wish you had someone to turn to, in confidence so that you can talk through strategies, ideas, concerns, possibilities or options?

Disclosing Business or Personal Uncertainties You May Have.

Executive Coaching

All of the information comes up the chain to you, and the cauldron of the management team meetings or the board meetings may not be the place to disclose any uncertainties you have.

None the less, these feelings probably remain and contribute to an unhealthy work life balance.

Working with an executive coach from Action in Change is very productive and can provide you and your business with many benefits:

  • The structured, quality, ring fenced time will allow you to stand back, survey the bigger picture and consider the strategic changes that will help you take your organisation forward.
  • The outcome of this thinking will help you set meaningful goals, identify new quick wins and map out change management plans.
  • It will refresh or develop your commitment to learning – if you are not learning as fast as everyone else, you are effectively going backwards. This aspect of coaching will evolve into an effective confidential development plan for you.
  • You can review and reflect on aspects of your leadership: are you creating the drive, passion, ambition you want in your staff?
  • You will develop insight of your own coping mechanisms and how you deal with change.
  • It presents you with the opportunity to identify how you motivate your staff: do they just turn up for work, are they committed to doing what they have to, or are they genuinely engaged and involved?
  • A coach will help you reflect on your work load and help you develop your delegation skills.
  • The skills of creativity and problem solving used by our coaches will present you with other tools and techniques that you could use with your staff and help them take on more responsibility.  Almost a buy one get one free offer!
  • Above all our coaches will challenge your thinking about all the above items; you won’t just get the ‘safe’ answer you would get from your staff!
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