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Are you in the middle of thinking about a difficult conversation that is draining your time, money and energy? Get ready for the Solution with the 'RESOLVE' Model.

Being able to manage difficult conversations will reduce your stress and anxiety, giving you back control in your life.

Are you someone who runs away from difficult issues, which may cause conflict, do you tackle them head on and maybe make things worse, or do you just freeze and hope they will go away?

But what if you could…

manage a difficult conversation in a calm professional way?

What if you knew you could…

always get a successful outcome?

What would it really be worth…

in terms of no longer worrying about it?

This free summary will help you:

- Plan your approach to a difficult conversation;
- Recognise the kinds of issues where the RESOLVE process works best;
- Understand more about the RESOLVE model and how it can help you.

The range of support open to is bigger than you think. This summary helps you think about the choices open to you.

My own personal journey has been a challenge in many respects due to going through several redundancies. These ‘pinch point’ career moments of having to pivot and be resilient have enabled me to experienced a wide range of working environments at first hand; within them, I have witnessed many incidences where difficult conversations were not handled well, often leaving the situation worse than before the discussion took place.

Benefit One

The RESOLVE Model gives you a structure to follow.

Benefit Two

The learning process associated with mastering the RESOLVE model leaves you feeling confident in your ability to handle a difficult conversation.

Benefit Three

It helps you realise all the things you didn't know about how to manage a difficult conversation effectively and pursposefully.

"I have worked professionally with Graham for over 5 years, his knowledge and understanding of coaching and mentoring as well as leadership and management has been outstanding. He shares his creative problem resolution skills with individuals and teams, is professional, supportive and always willing to go the extra mile."

Karen Shopland - Sevice Manager, Somerset County Council

"There is no change without action."

You will never know how good you can become at managing difficult conversations unless you take the first step.

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