Coaching Readiness Assessment

People come to coaching for a variety of reasons and with varying degrees of commitment. This short questionnaire will help you identify how ready you are to engage in the coaching process, and whether you are coachable at this moment in time.

Tick the numbered column that represents how true the statement is for you right now the press ‘NEXT’. When you reach the end of the survey please hit the submit button to view your personal results.

Coaching Readiness Assessment

Q1. I have the time and commitment to begin a period of coaching

Q2. I have issues or a goal that I need to work on and achieve.

Q3. I want to move on and be more successful.

Q4. I see coaching as a valuable investment in my future.

Q5. I will be responsive to the coaching process.

Q6. I appreciate that I will have to put effort into making progress.

Q7. I will move out of my comfort zone and “try” new concepts and ways of doing things.

Q8. I am willing to work towards changing any thoughts, beliefs and actions which may be holding me back.

Q9. I am willing to take on the responsibility for my progress and success.

Q10. I will work towards building an honest relationship with my coach.

Q11. I will commit to being punctual for phone or Skype calls and meetings.

Q12. I will commit to taking the actions necessary to move forward.

Thank you for taking part in our questionnaire.

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