About Us

About Action In Change

What would you like to know about us? Who are we, what do we do, what experience do we have, what qualifications do we hold, where have we learned and honed our skills?

This information may matter significantly to you, so we have provided a brief biography of individuals who we work with and who work with us.

From our perspective, we only work with qualified coaches, trainers and facilitators who fundamentally share a particular set of values and beliefs. Not only will you find them honest and approachable, but you will very quickly get a sense that these are people who:

  • You can trust,
  • Will ensure you make progress,
  • Will help you get something positive from your financial investment.
Action In Change

Graham Norris

Graham-NorrisGraham works as a Development & Performance Coach and is a licensed Practitioner of Motivational Mapping. ™ His experience of working in teams includes leading or working as part of a management team in the following areas: Communications, Training Management, Recruitment, Education, Design & Product Development, Sport Development.

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Roy Duffy

roy duffyRoy has a record of leadership and accomplishment in Sales, Marketing and Project Management at senior management and director levels, which led him through to a number of successful General Management and Main Board Director positions. Specialising in leadership, strategy & change management.

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Coaching Principles

Ethical Coaching Principles 1

Ethical Coaching Principles 1

1) Our work is always conducted within an entirely confidential setting

2) We will always endeavour to develop a relationship with you that is based upon mutual trust and respect

3) When working with you we will maintain an impartial, non-judgemental point of view

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Ethical Coaching Principles 2

Ethical Coaching Principles 2

1) The most effective result and outcomes for you will be achieved by setting up a partnership approach to learning

2) The focus and the direction of our work will be centred on your needs as the client

3) We believe that you are capable of finding solutions to the challenges you face: we just help you to identify them

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Ethical Coaching Principles 3

Ethical Coaching Principles 3

1) We will always try to create a climate where you can use and develop your creative skills to identify solutions

2) We are committed to developing our qualifications and experience in relevant areas

3) It will always be our aim to help you take responsibility for progress and will endeavour to prevent feelings of dependency

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